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2022 Contests

We invite local middle school students (6-8th) to submit an original piece of artwork expressing personal vision, imagination, and passion.


Purvis Young, (1943-2010) was a self-taught African-American artist who spent many years living off the streets, painting and creating pieces from found objects. He used discarded and ordinary objects for canvases.


Register via online form:


Submit artwork in person to museum during our open hours
Sunday April 10 1-3pm
Saturday April 16 10-12pm

Submissions can also be accepted by scheduling a Art delivery appointment. Please call with questions- (573) 635-1114


A selected group will be chosen as finalists. Finalists artwork will be showcased in a special exhibit at JCMOMA - Sunday April 24, 1-3pm.

-Submitted artwork must be an original piece.
-Artwork is required to contain found object or use found/repurposed item(s) as a canvas.
-Any size, or combination of medium, sculptures, paintings allowed - use your creativity. (Digital images and photography are only allowed if part of a multi-media creation.)
-Participants are encouraged to visit and tour JCMOMA in advance of contest to gain a better understanding of found object art. (Call or message us for a tour!)
-Art can also be submitted by teacher/school with student permission or student may submit individually.

Contest Winners will be announced April 24!
1st place $300 Prize
2nd place $200 Prize
3rd place $100 Prize
Honorable Mention $50 Prize


Important Dates:
April 4 - Registration begins
Sunday April 10 1-3pm- Artwork Delivery date
Saturday April 16 10-12pm- Artwork Delivery date
(Or schedule appointment for delivery before 4/19)
April 24 - Winners Announced.





Our Spring "Celebrating Childhood" Art contest was delayed because of recent school closures. We would like to congratulate the finalists! 

3-5th Grade Winners
1st - Atticus Barnes 5th Grade Immaculate Conception School
2nd - Leo Brix, 5th grade Homeschool
3rd- Cecilia Holmstrom, 3rd grade Moreau Heights Elementary 
Honorable Mention Awards: Bethan Vann, 4th grade Homeschool, Cheyenne Kingcade 5th Grade East Elementary and Raelynn Steele, 3rd grade River Oak Christian Academy 

6-8th Grade Winners
1st - Kylie Verslues, 6th grade St. Stanislaus
2nd - Lainey Hood, 8th grade St. Stanislaus
3rd - Bridger Markway, 6th grade St. Stanislaus
Honorable Mention Award: Mary Lorang, 8th grade St. Stanislaus

Thank you to all of our local young artists for sharing with us. We encourage everyone to continue inspiring others with your creativity! 

We will be virtually showcasing all winners throughout the next couple weeks. Stay tuned! 

Thank you to our contest Judges Mayor Carrie Tergin and Jim Dyke, owner of Cottonstone Art Gallery and Frame Shop. 


What Is Abstract Expressionism?

Abstract Expressionism comprises diverse styles and

techniques emphasizing an artist’s creativity

to convey attitudes and emotions. 

Congratulations to those receiving Top Honors in our High School Abstract Expressionism Contest.

First Place: “Letting Go” by Judy Vansant,  
Jefferson City High School
Second Place: “Brainwaves” by Mia Grayse, Jefferson City High School
Third Place: “My Piano Man-Play Me a Memory” by Meghan Maples,  
Blair Oaks High School

Honorable Mention Prizes go to: 
“Beauty in the Chaos” by Bella Lyskowski, Helias High School
“Contaminated” by Kesrah Mattadeen, Jefferson City High School


Thank you to our Judges! Mayor Carrie Tergin; Jim Dyke, owner of Cottonstone Art Gallery and Frame Shop; and Sam Bushman, Cole County presiding commissioner. 



2019 High School Contest

First Place

 "Letting Go" 

I'm someone who likes to create well thought out and detailed paintings, something that clearly makes sense. When my art teacher told us that our abstract paintings would be turned in for an art competition I freaked out. I automatically saw my abstract painting as mess instead art. My teacher helped show me that every painting doesn't has be exact and clean and that sometimes I have to let go of being perfect to be a little messy sometimes. 

Judy Vansant  

Jefferson City High School



Spring 2019 Contest Winners!

Spring Middle School Contest

Making a Better World

Congratulations 1st Place 

"Everyone Has a Helping Hand"

Caitlin Fitzpatrick, St. Stanislaus 8th Grade 

Congratulations to our Honorable Mentions

"One Piece" by Kaestli Johnson, 8th Grade

"Small Things Can Be Wonderful" by

Marta Howard St. Stanislaus 7th Grade

"Water World" by Jack Ewers

St. Joseph, 6th Grade

"The Beauties of Life" by Tanay Goel,

Thomas Jefferson Middle 7th Grade

"The Giving Tree" by Cole Morehead

St. Stanislaus 8th Grade


2019 Contest Winners!

Elementary School Contest

Congratulations 1st Place 

"Coming Together"

by Addyson Spencer - 5th Grade 

2nd Place "Lama Pool Waterpark" by 
Alyssa Scherr - 4th Grade


3rd Place "Life's Many Layers" by 
Sophia Schelton - 5th Grade

Honorable Mention Awards were given to:

Lucianna Linhardt 3rd Grade

Vivianna Paynter 4th Grade

Carter Bryan 5th Grade

Kylie Verslues 5th Grade


Art Classes

Jefferson City Museum of Modern Art is an educational museum dedicated to inspiring creativity, imagination and a lifelong connection with the arts. Keep your eyes open on our social media for

Art Class opportunities.

Follow our Facebook Page for workshop and event announcements! 
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